Mia’s Math Adventure
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" that will amuse your kids for hours,
days, weeks or longer: Mia is magnificent!."
- Chicago Parent
"What's exemplary is how well the "edu-" and the "-tainment" are
always working together. Neither overshadows the other. Rather,
each furthers the adventure. - Houston Chronicle
"Math exercises and problem solving are expertly
equated with fun in this content-rich software"
Rating: 5/5 -
"Mia: Just in Time! game features 3D animation and point-and-click
navigation that's extremely intuitive and fun for younger players."
Oh, no! Mia’s house has just burned down!
She needs to find a way to turn back the clock
and rewrite history! Your mission is to help Mia
prevent the tragedy. Mia: Just in Time!, an
award-winning adventure that seamlessly blends
number games and puzzles in a storyline so
imaginative and entertaining that it could
hold its own with the best of children’s literature.
For Windows & Mac OS X
Some Awards:
• Gold Award - Parents' Choice
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• Gold Award - Summit Creative Awards
• Grand Prize - Boomerangs Awards
• Winner - Applied Arts
• Gold Award - Word Media Festival
• Award of Excellence - Film Advisory Board
• Bessie Award - Early Elementary Math
...More Accolades
The math activities in this game have been
designed so children won’t even notice they are
learning! The following skills are covered at four
grade levels:
• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
• Logic • Place Value • Mental Computation
• Geometry (circle, square, rectangle,
triangle, closed lines, broken lines, angles,
vertices, edges, polygons...)
• Fractions • Measures
• Inductive Reasoning • Estimation
• Strategy, Logic and more!

Mia’s house is on fire! Everyone escapes to Sam's
tree top home. The next morning they discover
that their home has been reduced to ashes.
If only she could go back in time and prevent the
fire. It might just be possible, Sam’s uncle has
the plans to build a time machine. Mia will need to
gather the needed parts in order to begin a fabulous
voyage through time to discover the cause of the
fire and to somehow prevent it from occurring.
Some Key Features:
• Two game styles: Adventure or Activities Only
• Four curriculum levels
• Easy to consult progress report
• Educational activities seamlessly integrated
   into the adventure
• Colorful environments and endearing
   characters in a rich 3D environment
• Real-time control of the main character
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