Mia’s Language Adventure
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“If there were an Academy Award for children's
software, "Mia: The Kidnap Caper" would win.”
"Once in a blue moon, a kid's game comes along that
is not only original and educational, but also entertaining
and endearing. - MacHOME
"...what better way to help your child
become bilingual?"- Nashville Parent
"Kutoka has found a way of teaching young kids
basic French and Spanish that is not only painless but
entertaining and effective.” - The Boston Herald
If you're looking for a fun way to introduce
your child to a second language like Spanish or
French then this is the game for you!
Mia's Language Adventure integrates educational
content into an original and entertaining
story, so that children learn while they play.
Your child controls Mia throughout the game,
where there are clues to find, items to pick up
and decisions to make, all designed to encourage
your child to think for themselves.
For Windows & Mac OS X
Some Awards:
• Gold Award - Parents' Choice
• Excellence in Educational Publishing - AEP
• Silver Award - Summit Creative Awards
• Highest Rating - Canadian Toy Testing Council
• Dr. Toy - "10 Best Children’s Software”
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• Finalist - World Media Festival
• Bessie Award - Early Elementary Foreign Language
...More Accolades
In addition to developing a lifelong ability to
communicate with more people, there are other
benefits from early language instruction,
including improved overall school performance
and superior problem-solving skills.
Vocabulary areas covered:
• Alphabet • introduction to letter sounds
• Basic vocabulary words related to the
immediate environment (e.g. objects, animals,
fruits andvegetables, occupations, family
members and more)
• Adjectives and verbs • Numbers • Prepositions Sentence and grammar areas covered:
• Sentence structure; • Adjective placement
• Verb tense (e.g. present, past, future)
This software also contributes to:
• Decoding the meaning of words in the second
language using context, visual clues and sounds
• Use of mother tongue to understand the second
language • Concentrating and following instructions
• Practicing, repeating and integrating the
vocabulary • Self-evaluation
Just when Mia’s grandmother, Mimi is about to
win this year’s art competition, the lights go out.
When they finally come back on, Mimi is gone,
and so are the Sparklies that were to be the prize.
Romaine however is still around, so who could
have done something this evil and why? Help Mia
look for her granny and unravel the truth behind
this caper, all while practicing Spanish or French
as a second language.
Some Key Features:
• Two game styles: Adventure or Activities Only
• Three curriculum levels
• Choose to learn either French or Spanish as
   a second language
• Educational activities seamlessly integrated
• Colorful environments and endearing
   characters in a rich 3D environment
• Real-time control of the main character
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