Didi & Ditto Kindergarten
"This gem belongs on the shelf of any parent looking for
an original and fun game for their kindergartner."
- MacWorld
"Kutoka Interactive outdoes itself with this
feature-film-quality interactive experience."
- Washington Times
"The program's originality—with regards to both characters
and gameplay—piqued the interest of even older kid testers."
"All together, Didi and Ditto Kindergarten rates up
there with the best in terms of content, and it beats
them soundly on graphics.” - The Boston Herald
Didi & Ditto is an outstanding early learning
product with a fresh look that combines an
exciting world with fun and lively games,
lovable characters and the motivation of a
mission to accomplish. Brought to you by the
creators of Mia software series, Didi & Ditto
appeals to children’s natural love of learning.
For Windows & Mac OS X
• All Star Award - Children's Technology Review
• Highest Rating - Canadian Toy Testing Council
• Dr. Toy - Best Smart Play/Smart Toy Product
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• Mom-tested Award - Parenting Magazine
• Gold Award - Parents' Choice
• Bessie Award - Early Learning Multi-Subject
...More Accolades
As children explore the colorful world of
Didi & Ditto they will discover the hidden
activities that support the kindergarten
curriculum. They will practice:
Math skills: recognizing numbers, counting
objects, adding, solving math problems.
Literacy skills: recognizing letters, building
vocabulary, phonic skills,
identifying rhyming words, following
oral directions, listening comprehension,
Thinking skills: distinguishing between
patterns, distinguishing between shapes,
extending patterns, using shapes, practicing
visual and audio memory, problem solving.
Creative skills: coloring, music.
The story begins when our beavers' curiosity
has them running quickly through the forest,
causing one of them to get caught by Zolt the
wolf. Zolt is a vegetarian and would much
rather eat veggies than a beaver if he has the
choice. It is now up to you to gather veggies in
order to exchange them for your trapped
sibling, and you will be needing all your special
talents in math, phonics, rhyming and problem
solving to collect enough vegetables
to feed that hungry wolf!

• A fresh look in grade-based software
• Covers the essential kindergarten skills
• Three difficulty levels to choose from
• Engaging characters
• Play as either the male or female character
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