Mia’s Reading Adventure
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mia reading
mia reading
mia reading
mia reading
"Charming mouse makes learning a joy"
- Houston Chronicle
"To educate, yet to entertain...It's tough to do both,
yet Kutoka manages it with ease with its Mia series."
- The Herald News
"In the landscape of children's technology,
this game stands out." Rating: 10/10
- USA Today
"The perfect learning game for any child."
- An Ordinary Life (Blog)
The Bugaboo Bugs have chosen Mia's house as
their new residence and Marty has heard that their
presence usually leads to a disastrous ending!
Your child will lead Mia throughout an old victorian
house and garden in order to find clues as well as
the items needed to help find a way to save her
community from this unhappy outcome. Children
learn fundamental subjects and skills as they
play with Mia.
For Windows & Mac OS X
Some Awards:
• Gold Award - Parents' Choice
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• Dr. Toy - "100 Best Children’s Products”
• Japan Prize - Finalist
• Mom's Choice Award
• Bessie Award - Early Elementary - Language Arts
• 5/5 - USA
...More Accolades
Mia’s Reading Adventure has been designed
to support the school’s curriculum from
kindergarten to grade three, and includes
12 exciting literacy activities each with four
distinct levels of difficulty.
Topics covered: associating images to words,
adverbs, phonics, rhymes, spelling, sentence
structure, vocabulary, reading comprehension,
word recognition and much more!
Some Key Features:
• Two game styles: Adventure or Activities Only
• Four curriculum levels
• Easy to consult progress report
• Educational activities seamlessly integrated
• Colorful environments and endearing
   characters in a rich 3D environment
• Feature-film quality animation
• Real-time control of the main character
Mia Mouse lives in a charming Victorian
house where her family has lived for
generations. The house has recently been
invaded by pests. Stinking, noisy, uncivilized,
they are sure to be seen by humans! And if
this is the case, the exterminators will be called!
But then, Mia, her friends and family would
be out on the street! The Bugaboos must go!
And Mia needs your help.
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