Mia’s Word Copter
Fast Fun with Letters & Words

Dodge a pesky bumblebee or steer clear of a gust of wind! Test your pilot skills in four different environments. Use Mia's Word Copter to collect letter tiles and create words - the more words you find, the more points you win! This arcade-style game is suitable for children ages 5* and up. While made for kids, it's also perfect for the young at heart.

*Younger players should be comfortable with using keyboard arrow keys to navigate game.

Four game types!

Fly Mia's Copter through four different types of challenges.
• The Alphabet: (Ages 5 to 7) Find the missing letter in an alphabet sequence
• Missing Letters: (Ages 7 to 9) Find the missing letter or letters of a word.
• Word Finder: (Ages 7 and up) Fly around and collect letters to make words.
• Word Master: (Ages 9 and up) Think up words of a specific length.

Record your score! Keep track of your points. Share and compare with other Mia Copter players.
Try before you buy! Free Download

Mia Word Copter Free Trial Version only allows you to play the first level of two game types.

Four games available in the complete version. You're missing out on a whole lot for only

(Want the complete version later? No need to download again! Visit our online boutique to buy an unlock code.)