Didi & Ditto First Grade
"Didi and Ditto should keep any 5-to-7-year-old happy with
its vivid, cartoony 3D landscape and its variety of activities..."
"No company provides better graphics than Kutoka.
It's like watching an animated movie." Rating: 5/5
"Didi & Ditto First Grade succeeds by filling every frame with incidental
delights - sight gags, talkative characters, silly jokes and trivia-style,
true-false questions." - The Houston Chronicle
"A brilliant learning adventure." Rating: 5/5
- Le Soleil (Quebec City)
Didi & Ditto First Grade has children practice
their thinking skills, literacy skills, math skills,
science and creativity. The game can be played
in an exploration mode or by choosing specific
skills to practice. Didi & Ditto has a fresh new
look that combines an exciting world with fun
and lively games, lovable characters and the
motivation of a mission to accomplish.
For Windows & Mac OS X
• Grand Award - New York Festivals
• Highest Rating - Canadian Toy Testing Council
• Best in Children's Award - CNMA
• Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
• Distinguished Achievement Award - AEP
• Gold Award - Parents' Choice
• Bessie Award - Early Learning Multi-Subject
• Winner - Octas Awards
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As children explore the colorful world of Didi &
Ditto they will discover the hidden activities
that support the First Grade curriculum.
Children will practice:
Math skills: Measuring; natural numbers;
skip counting; mental arithmetic; addition and
subtraction; shapes, forms and their attributes.
Literacy skills: Associating letters, syllables
and images to words; acquiring new vocabulary;
sentence structure and punctuation; word spelling;
recognizing word origins; rhymes; opposites;
plurals; proper nouns and common nouns.
Science: Identifying and classifying objects;
learning about human and animal anatomy; sorting
objects that belong to the living and the non-living;
reading a map. Creative skills: playing and creating short musical pieces; color mixing; creating two-dimensional drawings. Thinking skills: logical thinking, problem solving; cause-effect relationships.
The story opens with the Wolf King and his
Lieutenants threatening to destroy Smart Valley
unless he is accepted as its ruler. To enforce
his will, the King will station a Wolf Lieutenant in
each part of the Valley. After months of having to
work hard and put up with each Lieutenant’s
unreasonable demands, everyone is fed up.
Didi and Ditto decide that they need a plan to
bring an end to the Wolves’ rule over the Valley.
Given that the King is very vain and proud of his
species, Didi and Ditto decide to make a bet
with the Wolf King: if they can prove that they
are more clever than the soldiers, the King and his
Lieutenants will leave the Valley forever. To their
great surprise, the Kings accepts. Now, all they
have to do is pull their risky bet off!
• Covers essential first grade skills
• Three difficulty levels to choose from
• Play as either the male or female character
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