Mac OS X Support Page
Mia's Language Adventure
If upon starting Mia's Language Adventure (The Kidnap Caper), you see an error message saying: "Critical failure: Initialization reason..." then download the updater below. Once the download is complete, double-click the icon of the downloaded file to launch it.

Note that owners of the 2-CD Edition need to have the game fully installed on the hard disk of their Mac before they can do the update. Click here for instructions on how to perform the full installation of the game if needed.

Enjoy your game!

Download updater for Mia Language 2-CD Edition (5.7 MB)
Download updater for Mia Language DVD Edition (5.6 MB)

Double CD-Rom Versions
If you have the 2-CD Edition of your game and during its installation you get an error message saying: "Not all files have copied properly" or "The program has not been installed..." Then download the appropriate installer below.

Download Didi & Ditto Installer for Mac OS X (7.6 MB)
Download Mia's Language Adventure Installer for Mac OS X (2.8 MB)
Download Mia's Math Adventure Installer for Mac OS X (2.6 MB)
Download Mia's Reading Adventure Installer for Mac OS X (2.7 MB)
Download Mia's Science Adventure Installer for Mac OS X (2.7 MB)

Q: We do not seem to be able to use the F1, F2, F3 keys mentionned in the instructions. What is the problem?

A: If you have a MacBook or a slim Apple keyboard, you need to hold down the fn key on your keyboard in order to use the F1 through F15 keys. Alternatively, you can use the q, w, and e keys in place of F1, F2, and F3.

Q: The screen goes blank all of a sudden while playing. We can still hear the sound coming from the game, but there does not seem to be a way to return to it. What is the problem?

A: There can be a conflict between the game running at full screen and the Exposé and Dashboard features of Mac OS X. One of the Exposé features or the Dashboard might have been triggered either by bringing the mouse in one of the four active corners of the Desktop or by pressing (not rolling) the scroll ball of your Mighty Mouse. These can be disabled from the System Preferences. (Note that you will still be able to use the Exposé features using the F keys on your Keyboard.)

Mia's Math Adventure
Q: In the tunnel activity of Mr. Mole in Mia's Math Adventure, the numbers we are supposed to see to complete the activity are not visible. What can be done?

A: There seems to be a problem displaying certain fonts in the game under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), but only when the animated QuickTime movies (such as the long introduction to the game) are played to the end. Skipping the playback of these movies, by pressing the space bar on the keyboard, allows for the normal displaying of these fonts.