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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the answers to the most frequent technical questions regarding the game Mia's Word Copter. If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, please use our online support form.

Q: How can I unlock the game?
A: To unlock all levels of Mia's Word Copter, you need to purchase an unlock code from our online boutique. You can enter our boutique by clicking the following link : Purchase Unlock Code

Q: Unlocking the game will not work on Mac OS X. The game tells me I am not administrator, but in fact I am. What could be wrong?
A: If you have installed other Kutoka games either using another administrator-level account or prior to a system upgrade, it is possible that the permissions of the following folder will not be set correctly:

/Library/Application Support/Kutoka

If the game cannot write to this folder, unlocking the game will fail. To resolve this issue, single-click the Kutoka folder in the Finder and press cmd + i on your keyboard. This will bring up an Info box showing the properties of this folder. From the Sharing and permissions section of the Infobox, you will be able to make sure that users in the admin group are able to read & write to the Kutoka folder.

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