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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the answers to the most frequent technical questions regarding the game Mia's Science Adventure (Romaine's New Hat). If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, please please use our online support form.

Q: How can I determine what version of the game I have?
A: The version number of your game is printed on each disk, just left of the Copyright information on the edge. The version number starts with a letter "V" and is followed by 2 or 3 digits separated by dots. Example: V 1.0.1.

Q: We have the 2-CD edition of the game. How can we play Disk 2?
A: The second disk is really the second half of your Mia game. When your child will have completed the first disk, the game will prompt you to insert disk 2 in order to resume the adventure. As requested, insert disk 2 and click on the Go button displayed on your screen.

Q: How can we save our progress in the game?
A: You can access the save menu by pressing the F3 key on your keyboard. In the save menu screen, all you need to do is click in one of the available game slots. The next time you play, the introduction menu will be changed and you will be able to load back your saved game(s).

Macintosh Specific

Q: We do not seem to be able to use the F1, F2, F3 keys mentionned in the instructions. What is the problem?
A: If you have a MacBook or a slim Apple keyboard, you need to hold down the fn key on your keyboard in order to use the F1 through F15 keys. Alternatively, you can use the q, w, and e keys in place of F1, F2, and F3.

See also the support page for Mac OS X.

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